Remove Your Faulty Orangeburg Pipe

Homeowners Across the Nation Are Removing Bad Orangeburg Pipe!


Many with Orangeburg pipe are taking a proactive approach before it becomes a real headache.

Root damaged Orangeburg pipe being dug out of the ground
Total destruction of Orangeburg pipe caused by tree root infiltration.

Orangeburg pipe is fast becoming a real nuisance across the not just the Inland Northwest, but across North America.  Taking a proactive approach might be a good tactic before total collapse of your sewer line.  This is especially true if you are having to continually drain clean your Orangeburg sewer lines.  What is it about Orangeburg pipe that is causing all of these issues for property owners?  

Orangeburg Pipe

Orangeburg pipe was first touted to last 50 years or better.  In thousands and thousands of instances, this has not been the case.  This is due to the makeup of Orangeburg pipe itself.

Orangeburg pipe is made up of many bituminous layers along with asbestos and cellulose fibers rolled into a cylindrical shape to form a pipe section.  It is these tar paper like layers that delaminate over time, thus causing homeowners grief. Orangeburg pipe has been found to be defective in keeping sewage from leaking and earth/soil penetrations.  These reasons are what is causing your Orangeburg pipe to collapse and clog.  These clogs could be from tree roots penetrating the already suspect pipe along with soil pressures from above the installed Orangeburg pipe.  Either way, some homeowners are now deciding to take a proactive approach to ridding their homes of Orangeburg pipe before it becomes a real headache.  Some home inspectors, after having the sewer line inspected are suggesting the suspect Orangeburg pipe be removed before purchase of the home.

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